Deception, Reality and Regeneration (2016)

Full Installation view
(in Mohawk Institute Indian Residential School, "Mush Hole", laundry room)

Installation detail

1918 Photo of Children & priests in front of Mohawk Chapel
(to commemorate their confirmation in the Anglican church)

Child Plaster Cast under Haldimand Treaty Canadian Flag

Tsityonnhe! (We are still alive!) Kanata Flag Fancy Shawl
(revised in 2017 from the original Canadian Flag Fancy Shawl)

Mixed Media
(Upcycled mannequin, Styrofoam, plaster strips, Canadian flags, acrylic paint, 
satin ribbon, thread, upcycled plywood, glue hardware, carved crucifix, Virgin Mary night light,
framed photo of children from Mohawk Institute at their Mohawk Chapel confirmation, cut-off braids)

variable installation measurements